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BACE is pleased to present the Edmonton Gala Premiere of the new hot film Milk, by Noemi Weis, on Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Milk was well received at the HotDocs Film in Toronto earlier this year has received Best Director and Best Editing nomination at the Madrid International Film Festival. Watch the trailer!

This film premiere and gala are a fundraiser for the Breastfeeding Friendly Edmonton project. 

This is a key fundraiser for BACE - we will be using the money raised to fund a public education campaign. Last fall we received a Human Rights Education grant to expand our Breastfeeding Friendly project. So far we've been working with stakeholders ranging from the Edmonton Public Library and the Elizabeth Fry Society to the Lucina Centre, the Fun Dome, and others who recognize the need to provide safe and welcoming spaces for breastfeeding families. 

There have been over a dozen incidents of breastfeeding harassment in Edmonton in the last few years including at Edmonton-area hospitals, swimming pools, and even the public library.

BACE has called on Edmonton to do more to support breastfeeding after a University of Alberta study found that while over 90 per cent of Alberta women start out breastfeeding, many do not meet their own breastfeeding goals. Researchers identified a lack of support for breastfeeding in public as one factor in early weaning. In Toronto public health researchers found women who are comfortable breastfeeding in public or in front of their friends are almost 3 times more likely to still be breastfeeding at six months.

The next step in our project is a public awareness campaign on the right to breastfeed in public. The more we raise, the bigger our campaign can be! 


Early Bird pricing until September 10th.

$20.00: Early Bird ticket price $20.00 until September 10th. Remaining tickets if available will be sold at the door for $25.

$40.00: VIP Tickets - includes single admission, VIP seating, food and drink tickets

All tickets sold through Metro Cinema, Credit and Paypal accepted. 

Sponsorship packages available until September 10th - Contact BACE for details 

$50.00: Gala Silver Sponsor 
Includes single admission, VIP seating, food and drink tickets, and name in program

$100.00: Gala Gold Sponsor
Includes single admission, VIP seating, food and drink tickets, name in program, and sponsorship package.

$250.00: Gala Platinum Sponsor
Includes six admission tickets, VIP seating, food and drink tickets, name in program, and sponsorship package. 







September 30, 2015 at 6:30pm - 10pm
Jodine Chase · · 7809385208
Ruth Alexandra Sorochan Beth Mackey Stacy Hatt Nitu Dima Nair Wendy D Vargas Niko Palmer Nicolette Schumacher Katie Sowden Bobbi Warner Sol Y'Luna Dawn Rommel McCorry Neveenka Calderón Amy Holden Gingie Welsh Kayla Shelby Elena Renderos Melissa Blythe Crystal Driedger Jasmine Giourmetakis Alicia Farvolden Brenda Lee Shar Alook J. Karen Parker Layla Frances Ahmadi Becky King Chelsea Mulholland Sabrina Roy Westra Zoe Anna McRorie Krystina Langston Melissa Taylor Brewster Crystal Anderson Michelle Rai Stephanie Tooke Avaleigh Boily Amanda Gaudet Rebecca Cameron Breastfeeding Action Committee Kirsten Ziegler Lesley Victoria Demers Holly Peng Maria Flores Andrea Corbin Ruth Wadley Tracy Simpson Bradley Sonya Duffee-Seguin Penny Mahan Chelsey Sara Kelly Matras

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