The Breastfeeding Friendly Initiative

After receiving an Alberta Human Rights and Multiculturalism grant, we're working on a Breastfeeding Friendly Initiative aiming to reduce breastfeeding discrimination, improve public attitudes about breastfeeding, and increase the confidence of people wishing to breastfeed in public. 


Become a Breastfeeding Friendly Community Partner

You will receive an easy to use breastfeeding friendly toolkit and lots of support to become breastfeeding friendly. We also offer breastfeeding friendly training customized to your organization.

Toolkit contents

Has your organization reviewed and implemented the recommendations and strategies outlined in our resources? Are you ready to take the pledge and get the advantages of being a breastfeeding friendly community partner? Do you have questions or obstacles to overcome? Let us know and we'll guide you through the rest of the process.

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Let Us Know How Edmonton Is Doing

Look for the international breastfeeding symbol on display in local businesses to identify community partners who have taken the pledge.


The Alberta Human Rights Commission confirms that breastfeeding in public is a human right. Individuals breastfeeding should not be asked to move or cover-up.

Have you been to an outstanding breastfeeding friendly business or organization? Share your story with us so we can publicly acknowledge them! Have you had a problem with breastfeeding in public? Let us know and we'll reach out to the organization to support them to becoming breastfeeding friendly.

twitter: @BACEtweets


Meet Our Project Manager

Nicole joined BACE’s Breastfeeding Friendly Initiative team with experience in maternity advocacy and research. She had just completed her Master of Arts Degree in Integrated Studies, focusing on equity studies. She began work on her PhD in Sociology in the fall of 2015. Nicole has two children (then 3 and 1), whom she has breastfed all over Edmonton and area.


Nicole Hill at Edmonton’s Winter Shake-up January 2015.
Pictured with her youngest child Mina (1) and partner, Randy Hill.
Photo credit: Jodine Chase