Code Violations In Hospitals, Clinics, and Pediatrician Offices in Alberta

Originally posted on our BACE Facebook Page on March 10, 2012.

A number of code violations were photographed in hospitals, clinics and pediatrician offices in Alberta.  Please view the attached images and share...


Display in a pediatrician’s office waiting room, Edmonton, 2012


429655_203490989752189_1030040138_n.jpgNestlé Good Start scale liner, pediatrician’s office in Calgary, 2011


Mead Johnson measuring tape used by Alberta Health Services employees
in Central Alberta to measure baby’s size and growth, 2011.



 Edmonton pediatrician's office weigh scale - Nestlé Good Start scale liner -
visit was to weigh breastfed baby due to concern about not enough weight gain, 2011.



Mead Johnson Enfamil name with 1-800 no. for “infant nutrition questions” March 10, 2012,
Lois Hole Hospital for Women, Royal Alex, Edmonton.

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